Hi there!

My name is Sadhbh Doherty, I'm an industrial designer and product manager.

Sadhbh rhymes with five.

I design with a user-centered focus that adds the complexity I thrive on.

I lead teams and bring a business together to create innovative products, experiences and repeatable processes that represent their mission and make sense to the people using them.

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Work in the wild...

Electro Guitar Kit

Build and play your very own electro-acoustic guitar. Learn about piezoelectricity.

Available here

Synth Wave Kit

Create, shape and sequence sound waves. Record, layer and share tracks.

Available here

Record + Remix Kit

Record the sounds around you. Chop them up, squeeze them and stretch them.

Available here

Sew & Glow Kit

Sew circuits to light-up badges you design and create yourself.

Available here

Light Racer Kit

Build bike lights that flash as you ride. Learn about wireless power and create your own coils.

Available here

Dough Universe Range

Three products that teach electronic fundamentals through dough and a storybook app.

Available here

Mover Kit

The first programmable wearable for children. Program the device to react to your movements.

Available here